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Portfolio of Iiro Jäppinen


UX/UI designer from November 2014 until April 2017. As the resident web designer, I oversaw the visual direction of’s website.

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Delivery estimates

The Problem

Customers were confused by raw product stock numbers and unsure what it meant for availability.

The Research

Customers were asked questions about product availability and the results were studied. General customer feedback was collected online. Order and visitor data was aggregated to find out patterns related to product availability.

The Solution

Customers do not need detailed availability numbers because they order single items. Thus, a simpler true/false availability interface was designed for store locations. For online ordering, the availability logic was completely revamped to give an estimate on when the product would arrive at the customer. Product Availability Estimates Self-Service Checkout

Self-Service order pickup

Customers need to check their order in for pick-up at the Helsinki store, because of the massive amount of daily customers.

To ease this process we created a self-service kiosk. I designed the UI to be intuitive and simple. It should make obvious that you are picking up the right order, without exposing any personally identifiable information.

The self-service kiosk is used for more than 50 % of daily pick-ups. Price Barometer

Making Informed Customers is the most transparent low cost online retailer in Finland… while being probably always cheaper.

To empower customers in their self-service shopping we created a way to estimate the price fluctuations of products. Customers are able to judge themselves how much cheaper is. We also tell customers the value of their product as used-goods, so they can be confident reselling and fighting e-waste.

Humble Bundle

I designed the first Humble Bundle website and many after that. I worked with Humble from its inception in 2011 until summer 2014.

People often follow up with whether or not I also created the beautiful icons representing bundled games. I did not.